Beth Hampton Jones

photo of photographer Beth Hampton Jones

Beth Hampton Jones is an Asheville native who grew up in Beaverdam Valley in Western North Carolina.  After several decades in a small town to the east, she returned nine years ago to her beautiful mountain town where she makes a home with her dogs Ebby and Gira, and her parrots Tango and Gracie.  Her human children, Caleb and Ivey, have flown the nest, but they return often for good food and advice.

Beth has spent most of her life in the healing arts.  She has been a veterinarian for 28 years, and for eighteen of those years, she has also provided acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for cats and dogs.  

With a love of travel and being outdoors, her interest in photography was born as a way to capture the memories and the beauty from her adventures.  She was soon hooked and now spends many weekends in search of a cascading waterfall, a magnificent bridge at sunset, a majestic bird, or a breathtaking landscape.  The combination of art and science in photography is just so inspiring and satisfying.

Beth often takes her photos and enhances them in ways that spark the imagination or evoke a different emotion.  She enjoys the challenge of taking a “normal” photograph and making it extraordinary.  Enjoy this photoblog!