New York City is a great place for photography.  Around every corner I can find a historic landmark, a majestic bridge, or an interesting person.  NYC is one of my very favorite cities. 

New Friends

On this particular trip, I went with a very specific goal— to capture an interesting image of the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.  We stayed at a hotel in Brooklyn to be close to our setup location. The day of the shoot, we had lunch at the famous Grimaldi’s.  We shared a table with a British couple because we could jump the line if we were a party of four.  We are still friends today.

The Plan

That evening, I did my set up on the rocks looking toward the Brooklyn Bridge. I brought a small tripod and hunkered down in the perfect spot, waiting for sunset.  At just the right time, a cute couple came by and sat right in front of my camera.  They kindly scooted over when I explained my plan.

Looking under the Manhattan Bridge at sunset. The New York skyline is visible.

From this view, you can see the bridge, Jane’s Carousel, and the rocky beach along the East River.  The Manhattan Bridge also makes a nice picture, and I’ve concluded that photo here as well.  The day after the shoot, we wandered into Little Italy, where I ran into my favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn.  Like I said, photo opportunities are everywhere!